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Recording, Concert Promoting, Video, Concert Security/Transport and Advertising: London, New York, Los Angeles, Kingston,Tokyo, Manila, Hong Kong, Seoul
Wave-Shaper is a Multi Media merging the worlds of MUSIC, VIDEO, ART and Hi-FASHION. Cutting tracks and playing live in various parts of the world, Blade felt that it was time to raise the bar and bring more than just playing bass...Starting a label is another platform but also promoting concerts so artitsts can expand on their output as well. As always his focus is on his artists and his own diverse projects, but he never shys away from playing bass or producing for others. He says that the stage, studio and the red carpet have all offered interesting situations and opportunities that have been very rewarding and in the past his encouters with notables like Rihanna in Portland Jamaica,(Big Up to Oraine Barrett) Nicki Minaj Montego Bay Jamaica (Big up to Safaree Samuels), Sting Madison Square Garden Arena New York (Shout out  to Dominic Miller and many thanks for the Sony Records London meeting ), Seal at Madison Square Garden Arena New York,(Many Thanks Bob Cavallo) Mariah Carey at St John the Divine New York and that was a great Xmas after party at Rockafella plaza Mariah), Lennie Kravitz Rogue Tour (Big up to Cindy Blackman) Scott Weiland at the Izod Centre  (Shout out to Matt Sorum) , Michael Bolton and thanks for the birthday cake at the China Club  Michael,  Nile Rodgers recording at Le Crib. Way too many people to mention....could go on all day giving shout outs so we will stop here with Blade thanking  Arty Indursky at Grubman Indursky for arranging  comp studio time for him  when the late great Eddie Germano and the machine that was the Hit Factory was in full swing. Blade feels that it's good to re-invent yourself at this time because the industry has changed a great deal. So he's looking at international markets even  more than before....because audiences worlwide are all affected by the situation of the global economy and its up to us as ambassadors of entertainment to provide the right of passage to all the new fans out there, the means and the motivation to see and hear new and  exciting  trends in music. His ability to play extensive genres and cross talk eclectic styles, is the means that will be used to create distortion waves in the channel of song. WAVE-SHAPER....Shifting the Tide Of Sound.


Blade along with singing sensation and Universal Records artist Samantha Cole and Miley Cyrus/ Jennifer Lopez record producer, Jimmy Greco, judging an artist at Voice Competition prelim event. (Short footage).

Video Content of Bass solo sound track being recorded live in Blade's studio.

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Blade's Triple Bass Play (3 solos morphed into 1)
Blade Versatility