THE GOTH PARTY....... Hey guys....The last time Blade threw a party, it was conventional and industry main-stream. This time he wanted a GOTH party. We had a great time with the last one, but he wanted this one to be darker. A lot of industry guys were on hand, so of course the V.I.P. room was set up for conference for the first hour only, just to benefit the guys that flew in from London and L.A. then it was all about the creatures of the night. Wave-Shaper had one hour to use the event as a sound board event, for record release, distribution and marketing but after the 60 minutes, it was time for drum and bass. Here are some of the pictures guys. More to come as soon as we get them.
The Party was for Blade's birthday so Pina Collada and birthday cake in the are on the ticket. The serious look, the guarded posture. "You want me to sign or you'll take my drink?? okay okay, I'll Sign.
Tray and Blade's session drummer Mark
Koniko and Blade's session guitar player Lance
Blade's Goth Birthday Party dance floor
Len and Gina looking cool
Sharon and Styxx ..the drinks must flow look marvelous
Tori in total character
Bad girl Skrolee
Tony Yee and Julia arrive in style
M and L ....2 of Blade's artists arriving at the V.I.P. room
.Duncan and his next victim .....
Gary, Tina and Lonny hamming it up
Irene, Ted and Greg feeling parched
Nan, Juan and Felix....Goth Rock on!!!
Tina (in white).....rocking out to D.Mode.
Becky was making the Pina Colladas. Now she's getting the cake ready. What a Gal!!!
The devil and his cohorts.....Courtney,Dan,Gunther and Shannon
Bib with his ice-cream Louise
Steve and the Gang from Geffen
Juanisha and Vaughn ......pucker up for the lens.
Tanner and Lisa....part of Blade's Team.
Ruth and Jamal.....part of Blade's Team
Tina is part of Blade's team with her friend Robert