Blade on Tour in Jamaica
Blade plays to the Jamaican Crowd

Wave-Shaper has recently formed the Wave-Shaper Foundation to help women and children in Jamaica because the island is lacking of a lot of basic services. 
      Females create the matriarchal backbone in Jamaican society and without the girls, quite frankly, Jamaica would be a lame duck. Education must play a large role in social and self awareness in order to make this nation take it's former place in Caribbean Glory

                     Blade had a meeting with the minister of energy Phillip Paulwell and tried to get an intro with the minister of transportation to bring more school buses to the island . If children have difficulty getting to school because of lack of funds, this is only going to create a pattern of future dilemna.  Unfortunately nothing came about from that meeting, but Blade was not deterred. He did things like giving free concerts to needy children and raising national awareness and one of those concerts was for the  Registar General's Department's Deputy Executive officer and Director of Operations Kate Bertram of Twickenham Park and Regional Manager Franklyn G. Simms in St. Ann's Bay , who hosted a Christmas Party for The children of the Windsor Estate.  Blade put his own money towards this event and provided the band and live entertainment for the kids, who some were seeing a guitar for the first time in their lives. Students young and old, teachers and counselors were all having a blast..The jam was very seasonal and in the Christmas Spirit.

          Blade  has had discussions with the likes of Edna Manley Principle, Nicholeen DeGrasse-Johnson  and discovered that she needs help placing her graduates in meaningful employment and relevant trajectories after her student's graduate. So yes. This is a time for giving back and creating jobs for people on the island while simultaneously providing entertainment for visitors to the island and for the local persons that are indiginous to the region.

               He will both be spearheading performances and celebrity appearances  to bring more awareness and hands on assistance via medical, food and shelter acess, battered and single mother relief, human trafficking, child labour, computers and transportation for students of all ages, and to raise the international perception of Jamaica's very important natural resource, it's land and more's people.

            Blade has also done much as far as transportation and mobilization for the Save the Children organization in the U.S. and around the world. Click this link to go to their website.

           Another area of protection that Blade is interested in is .....  Mel Tennant's Turtle conservation project. This progam of activity has Blade's full support  and warrants a look see  on the next link.

               Blade feels that it is past time for Jamaica to enter a new WAVE presence for this 14 year old millenium, and the more young people get a chance to be educated, the more awarenes is raised by sheer numbers, and the faster the island's old way of doing business will change, but it can only be done by creating opportunity and optimism that are both infectious, effective and magnetic. 
                                Blade has always loved this island so he and Wave-Shaper  welcomes the chance to take on challenges in all the adjacent forms that occur where the currency of creativity can be utilized for it's people.

Blade in Kingston with Jamaican Edna Manley Jazz musicians at a dancehall music fest.