Wave-Shaper around the World
.............. Around the World with Wave-Shaper
Georg Elfast Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing
Georg Elfast, (spelled Georg bacause of his Scandinavian descent) is Wave- Shaper's Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. His extensive corporate background in the U.S. and his unique business perspective with Blade in the past puts him as the 2nd in the chain of command. Georg is looking forward to furthering market share and productivity wordlwide, and acknowledges that this can only be done with strategies and marketing plans in place. He is always ready to take on new challenges at any given moment and embrace the opportunity to hit market targets and attain corporate growth. Senior management is his natural forte and he has become a valued component to the Wave-Shaper Team and greatly anticipates the possibilities that lie in wait upon the Wave-Shaper horizon.
Doug is is Head of the Engineering (Rock Division) in London.
Andre is the Head of Engineering (Hip Hop Division) in Los Angeles.
Shimoto is Head of Engineering (dance, trance,and electronica) in Tokyo. Blade's global sound guy's are really good at what they do, Because of new developments at Wave-Shaper, recordings are now carried out in different time-zones to accomodate different projects
Wave-Shaper in Hollywood
The management team in L.A. ....from left to right.......Freeway, Lisa, Gary, Rick.and Donna.......Employees of the moment....Marketing and A'n'R
Hello to Michael Lee, Director of A'n'R pop-contemporary division. Michael is way ahead in the lead as far as productivity and discovery. He is Blade's personal favorite, in relation to finding interesting talent, non-stop searches for new artists, and bands. Blade is planning to send Mr. Lee on further international excursions to continue his innovative scope. Good job Michael. Keep them coming.

Michael Lee as usual, busy working with auditioners and artists that he is working with  for video, film, and public relations projects. Michael working with Charlie  (in the red Jacket) in San Francisco have both been very busy in Union Square and are laying down strategies for upcoming Wave-Shaper projects to be announced. Michael is international as far as his a'n'r' approach.

This was the last Party that Blade Gave. This was the first one used as an industry Wave-Shaper platform.

Blade holds conference in the party V.I.P. Room
Wave-Shaper Records Senior Vice President, Julian Stand and wife Valerie, shaking a leg.
Nigel one of Blade's guitar players with 3 of his lady friends
Natalia and the girls from Capitol Records
Niki from Elite Models
Josh, Turner and Danny from Virgin U.K. with friends
Jackie and Cecelia from Spin and Sony Disco
"Thanks for inviting me Blade, it's a really cool party".....Katarina from Ford Models
"Love you Blade.....where you hiding at ? "..........Trey and Jamie from I.M.G. Models
Drew and Tony from the Law firm of Shearman and Sterling
Ryan, Logan, Gabbie, Dennis Todd and Kevin from Infectious Music
Miguel , Gracie, Claire and Alejandro all from Billboard said..." We want in to Blade's V.I.P. Room."
Seth and Autumn with friends from Warner Pictures.
Kashuki from Sony with pals
Amanda, Caroline and Amelia from Louis Vitton
"Ola' Blade" Maribella and Angelina from R.C.A Records
Sisters Shelby and Amber, who are over at KPMG
Interning at Universal, Gianna and Amy said, " We were really lucky to be here. We came with someone who got a special invite from Blade"
Sheila and friend from Priority Records
Erin with friends from DNA Models
Oscar and the boys from Melody Maker/NME
Where would we have been without Bryce???
The first 2 hours there was food and snacks
Blade just walked in with his entourage
Night out on the town for Sebastian and the boys from Ogilvy and Mather
Rowan brought a few engineer pals down for the night
Lets get busy
Rowan has popped up again with another friend dancing on table tops
Kadence and Tyler moonlighting from Light House pictures
Careful Amir, Alfredo is about to snack on your lobe
Never fear,,,The ladies will always get the party hopping
Tang Lung and Sony Asia Division
Last but not least...Megan and her guiness, popping in from Virgin Records
We are upgrading our credit card services to include ticket purchases for future dates. Please excuse the absence of download music capability while we implement our ticket automatiion at this time...Thank you so much manegement@wave-shaper.com